Homeostasis Live

I’m surprising myself at the moment by commencing the organisation of some live gigs for Homeostasis. I never thought it would be possible, neither did I have any desire to do so previously, but it feels like its the right moment. There’s about fourteen years of material to choose from, so it’s an exciting prospect. I’m looking forward to working on some of the early tracks that I’ve never been happy with – or rather I may have been ten years ago, but now I’ve hopefully improved.

So, I spent much of today going through tracks and seeing what will sound good, and what is possible to do. Lineup is in flux, but with some interesting possibilities emerging. Exciting times….

Robert Blake I

And so, as we have now passed into the second month of 2012, I feel I should put some words down to illustrate that rumours of my demise have been somewhat exaggerated.

The last few days has been spent in complete solitude, which has enabled the commencement of Homeostasis +1 – that is, the new album.

Because of the fact that I do not have any permanent abode, my ability to compose music has been greatly reduced, which is ironic, since much of my time has been spent at Flamedog recording studios. But I’ve been doing things for other people, mainly album design, web design, etc, etc. I’ve no idea how it’s taken so bloody long to get what appears to be simple things done. Well, I guess getting a record label established, including the whole ecommerce thing as well as produce physical CDs etc is a reasonable time-spinner….

Anyway, I’m happy to say that a simultaneous album and book is in progress now. I’d like to keep the size of the book down this time – my last album/book effort, Information Island, took several years and was much more of a process than I’d have believed.

So – behold the inception of…..

The Fall and Rise of Robert Blake

and it’s Relationship to the Various Events Contributing to the End of the World

…coming in a few months.

I’m excited by what’s been done so far. I look forward to the end result, as I have no idea how it will play out, myself.

Well, it’s back to the nomadic lifestyle tomorrow. I’m getting tired of it, after … what? … maybe almost three years without a home.

Once you get out, it gets increasingly hard to get back in. So it goes.

Christopher Hitchens 1949-2011

There are so very few people in mainstream media who champion the intellect, who rigorously engage with the world & our place within it.

There are so very few people who, by virtue of force of will alone, take on world-wide institutions on their own terms, fighting oppression in whatever form, and succeed without using the same means of oppression which they oppose.

There are so very few people who engage in this kind of activity who retain warmth and humanity in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds.

When faced with his immanent death, Christopher Hitchens did as he had done for much of his life – kept standing strong until the very end.

Death doesn’t extinguish ideas, does not extinguish their effect on generations to come.

We’ve lost one of this century’s great thinkers, but we haven’t lost his thoughts and the potential for the further good that they can do.

I raise a glass of fine wine to Christopher Hitchens and all he stood for. I may have disagreed with some of his opinions, but he was nothing if not a contrarian amongst contrarians, and disagreement is vital to progress.

Every enthused, slightly-inebriated philosophical debate I and those I know engage in, owes something to him.

Here’s to you, Hitch!