Terminal Café

This is one of the main sections of the site, containing various interpretations, analysis and general thoughts about many aspects of Moorcock's books. The opinions expressed here are just that - opinions, and I welcome any input / constructive criticism / questions / etc. with regards to anything expressed here.

The Eternal Struggle

A discussion concerning the Law / Balance / Chaos equation. Coming soon.

Non-Linearity in Moorcock's Fiction

The techniques and the effects of the use of non-linearity in Moorcock's narratives. Coming soon.

Moorcock's Fiction & Genre

The place of genre in Moorcock's fiction, and the way in which genre places Moorcock's fiction.

Reflections on the von Bek Family

The lineage and implications of the von Bek family.

The Cosmology of the Eternal Champion Mythos

The place of the Champion in the Multiverse and the Eternal Struggle.

The Golden Barge: An Early Story

An examination of Moorcock's first didactic book.

The New Nature of the Multiverse

A quantum fiction: The physical structure of the Multiverse.

The Nomad of Time

An analysis of the Bastable books.

Drawing of Moorcock From New Worlds No 221 "50th Anaversary Issue".