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The Second Ether

Blood: A Southern Fantasy
Fabulous Harbours
The War Amongst the Angels
's Multiverse

A Southern Fantasy



The luscious and seductive southern states of North America and the mysterious universe of the Second Ether, where nothing is quite as it seems.

Blood - Orion

As Jack Karaquazian and his friend, Sam Oakenhurst, play out their days from New Orleans to Memphis, the draw of the Terminal Cafe is never far from their thoughts, for it hovers on the very edge of the Biloxi Fault - an inexhaustible source of electrical energy and of an unreality that threatens their world with entropy.

Jack and Sam, their lovers Colinda and the Rose, are jugaderos, the very best at their trade, enjoying a special status unthreatened by even the most ferocious and cynical of warlords. They live or die by a strict moral code, prepared to risk their sanity or their lives on the turn of a card, on the memorised reproduction of an electronic dimension.


The physical world breaks down into patches of colour, patches of chaos and patches of nothing at all as the pull of the Fault expands and the code on which the jugaderos base their lives is eroded. Colinda disappears gambling on a patch of colour for her own. Jack vows to find her. He and Sam move west towards the notorious Paul Minct, a dissolute whitey, and towards the fiefdom of the ruthless Machinoix, drawn deeper and deeper into the game of the Second Ether where the play is for nothing less than their immortal souls and an eternal future.

Blood. London: Millennium, 1995.

Fabulous Harbours


Fabulous Harbours Fabulous Harbours - Orion

...Continues the adventures of the von Bek Family, of Captain Quelch and Sundry Other Characters from Blood: A Southern Fantasy.

Fabulous Harbours Explores the myths and dictats by which the twentieth century lives with Rose von Bek - the Angel of Sporting Club Square herself. She will escort you across a world as fabulous and exotic as any you could ever wish to visit. She moves from the high seas to the far Sahara, seeking the Grail in a thousand forms, encountering among others the Wandering Jew and the famous Clapham Antichrist...

Fabulous Harbours. London: Orion, 1996.

The War Amongst the Angels


War Amongst the Angels - Orion

Life is a river and each of our myriad destinies a tributary which itself created tributaries, which in turn creates tributaries. That is the nature of Chaos, forever creative, forever fecund, forever unchecked.

Rose von Bek travels many of London's byways glimpsing many lives and many worlds. At times she meets with knights of the road Dick Turpin and Colonel Jack, a man better known to his mukhamirim fellows as plain Sam Oakenhurst. Othertimes with Prince Lobkowitz, or her mother Nellia, in Begg Mansions, Sporting Club Square.

War Amongst the Angels

But London is only one of the many scales of existence awaiting the adventurous young Rose. One of them, perhaps Las Cascadas - pinioned twixt brisk Atlantic and seductive Mediterranean - or the Lost Pines Ranch, Texas, home to her eccentric uncle, will surely bring her back to the nefarious Caption Horatio Quelch, pirate of the Singularity, enemy of her kind...

Ultimately the great war between Law and Chaos, which some call the War in Heaven, spills over into all realms of existence. And the final battle of battles is fought to determine the nature of reality itself.

The War Amongst the Angels. London: Orion, 1996.

's Multiverse


There will be a page on the site solely devoted to Michael's recent comic in the near future.