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The Bellyflops

This page is dedicated to the Bellyflops and contains, primarily, photographs taken during the recording sessions. As there are a few photos here, the page may take a little time to load - but it is well worth it. Thanks go to Langdon Jones, who provided me with all of these excellent photos.

The Bellyflops formed, in 1965, to record an album to be sold at a Science Fiction convention. According to Langdon Jones, We made the record, but then got so drunk at the convention that we were not able to actually sell any.

The people in the photo to the right are as follows (left to right):- Charles Platt (below), Roger Morris, Pete Taylor (with lantern), Bob Sellars and Langdon Jones.

The Bellyflops
Pete Taylor and Moorcock narrating

Pete Taylor and narrating.

Langdon Jones pointing out a subtlety of the score to Bob Sellars. Bob Sellars was an army colleague of Langdon Jones'.

Bob Sellars and Langdon Jones
Langdon Jones considers...

Langdon Jones, consumed by the muse...

Charles Platt in the home studio. Platt went on to being one of the most important members of the New Worlds team, writing many excellent stories and also almost single-handedly running the printing press.

Charles Platt
Platt, Morris, Taylor and Moorcock.

Charles Platt on the tambourine, Roger Morris on the guitar, Pete Taylor and . Roger Morris was also a friend of Langdon Jones, known through playing in an army band.