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Novymir Media is the Australian agent for Hong Kong based CD & DVD replicator, High Tech Corporation. High Tech Corporation is amongst the world’s largest CD replicators, producing CD ROM’s and DVD’s for Australia, Europe, America, Japan & China

Novymir Media prides itself on its efficient, well priced CD replication service, and the quality of the finished product. Through our relationship with High Tech Corporation, Novymir Media can provide you with CD & DVD’s of all shapes and sizes. The CD’s can be ready for distribution, within 10 –12 days of receipt of master, and the product is of the of the highest quality.

Standard CD

Our standard CD’s can be printed in silk screen or offset print. The minimum cost effective run is 500 units

Shaped CD / DVD
CD’s and DVD’s can be manufactured in many different shapes and sizes (why not create one in the shape of your logo or product?!)
CD-R (CD-Recordable)
Why not create your own company branded blank CD that can be used for presentations, company memos, hard drive back-ups, and file management. The CD-R’s can be standard, mini or irregular shaped, as with the CD ROM’s
Naturally Novymir Media can provide you with an array of different packaging options to suit your needs; from plastic sleeves, to jewel cases to cardboard mailers. Please contact us for pricing and options.
Mini CD
The capacity of these CD’s are dependent on the shape; from 50 MB for the oval and rectangular to 185 MB for the mini round.
Ticket CD
A CD that has up to six “tabs” that can be broken off to provide entry into an event or a discount for a purchase.
Our DVD’s are off-set printed and can come in standard, mini and shaped sizes. They can be produced using N system (Asia) and Pal system (Europe, America) or both.


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