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The Chinese Agent
The Russian Intelligence

Note that I was literally on the floor laughing at these books (that may be a reflection of my sense of humour, though) - with characters like Chief Inspector Crapper (of the yard), it would have to be good, I guess. I would highly recommend searching these books out. It may be hard, though, as they seem to be quite rare. These books show a totally different side to Mr M's writing than the side with which most would be familiar.

The Chinese Agent


The Chinese Agent The Chinese Agent

Arthur Hodgkiss - alias Jewellery Jules, Master Gem Thief - is in London, about to realise his lifelong ambition - to steal the Crown Jewels. But at the Tower of London, he is mistaken for he Chinese agent who has to pick up the stolen top secret plans for Operation Glass.

British intelligence put their top man on the job - the suave, fearless, ladykilling Jerry Cornell. And once the Chinese realise their mistake, mad genius and masterspy Kung Fu Tzu joins the desperate hunt.

The two play out a deadly game of bluff and counter-bluff, a battle that involves the security of the entire world, and a cast of characters - such as Lilli von Bern, femme fatale par excellence, Chief inspector Crapper of the Yard, and the dreaded Cornells of Notting Hill - who could only have sprung from the wildly inventive mind of .

The Chinese Agent. London: Granada, 1979.

This book is a revision of Somewhere in the Night.

The Russian Intelligence


The Russian Intelligence

Jerry Cornell was a Class A Secret Agent.

Dedicated, Intrepid, Ice-Cool in a Crisis, Resourceful, Master of Disguise, Impervious to Pain - by these qualities are such men known.

Jerry Cornell was different. He was honest - at least, to himself. He knew the truth: his trade wasn't glamorous, was hardly ever important, getting one side to defect to the other was a PR matter and most secrets aren't worth keeping anyway.

But, and these were important buts, it was fashionable. Camp even. Above all it offered wonderful opportunities for skiving and fiddling and marital infidelity.

Realist and coward, Jerry Cornell was doing very nicely. Until the terrible night when he found The Devil Rider - Masked fighter for Justice and comic strip hero clutched in the dying hand of a fellow agent Jerry had never much liked anyway...

The Russian Intelligence. London: New English Library, 1985.

This is a revision of Printer's Devil.