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The Deep Fix

The Deep Fix on the Rollercoaster

The exact origins of The Deep Fix are lost to the Mists of Time, but it is thought that either Dave Brock (of Hawkwind) or Doug Smith (Hawkwind's manager) suggested that Michael record his own single. The name The Deep Fix was first heard of in Michael's short story The Deep Fix, and then was later used in many Jerry Cornelius Stories as the name of the band that played as Jerry's infamous parties.

The Dodgem Dude Single

The First Single was planned to be called Starcruiser, with Dodgem Dude on the obverse site, though the order was reversed when the single was released.

At a business lunch with Andrew Lauder of United Artists (Hawkwind and the Deep Fix's record label), Michael was asked "so, when are you starting the album". Mike hadn't, at that time, planned an album, but agreed nonetheless. There was, in fact, a three album deal planned (imagine!). The Album that was the result of this deal, in 1975, is the legendary New Worlds Fair.

New Worlds Fair

Though New Worlds Fair is the only album length release by the Deep Fix, there are were still other treats in store for fans. In 1976 Moorcock joined forces with Pete Pavli (of High Tide) to work on two new projects, The Entropy Tango and Gloriana - both of which tied in with books Moorcock was at that time writing.

The Entropy Tango was first conceived as a tie-in to the last Cornelius book (of the primary series) The Condition of Muzak. Progress on this project moved along quite slowly, into 1977. During this time Michael decided to write a book, The Entropy Tango, and tie the recording in with that instead. The book was planned to be released by Pierrot Publishing in a large format, illustrated volume, bundled with the album. If only! Various forces conspired to stop this project, the most overbearing of which was the demise of Pierrot Publishing. Demos were recored for the album, and have surfaced on bootlegs occasionally, also the novel was completed, including the illustrations and was eventually released by New English Library.

The Gloriana project moved along at a similar pace to the Entropy Tango, and was also plagued by similar misfortunes. This was intended to accompany the book Gloriana, though there were no plans for bundling it with the novel. Several groups expressed interest in the project, but the main reason for the demise of this was the need to concentrate on The Entropy Tango (before the publisher collapsed). Similarly to The Entropy Tango, demos were recorded for this album, and have surfaced on various bootlegs.

The Brothel in Rosenstrasse - Single

The dramas continued into the 80s. In 1981, Moorcock and Pavli joined forces again to work on an EP called The Brothel in Rosenstrasse (again companion to the book of the same name). The EP was to contain the songs:- The Entropy Tango, At the Time Centre, Every Gun Plays its Own Tune, Another Quiet Day in Auschwitz, The Brothel in Rosenstrasse and Dude's Dream (a different version). As was becomming the trend, this project fell apart, and eventually (in 1982) appeared as a single with the Brothel in Rosenstrasse and Time Centre.

The Brothel in Rosenstrasse - Cassette

The ninties has been a fairly quiet decade as far as the Deep Fix goes, with two notable exceptions. In 1992 Cyborg tapes released The Brothel in Rosenstrase on cassette, featuring:- The Brothel in Rosenstrasse, Good Girl Bad Girl, Another Quiet Day in Auschwitz and Time Center. In October 1998, Lone Wolf (records) released a CD-R titled "The Hawkwind Connection", containing half Robert Calvert rarities and half Moorcock raritiies. The Moorcock songs consist of:- Another Quiet Day In Auschwitz, Starcruiser, Dodgem Dude, Brothel In Rosenstarsse, Good Girl Bad Girl, Time Centre, My New Knife, Peter the Vulture, Introl Mental, Harlequin.

The Brothel in Rosenstrasse & The Hawkwind Connection

The question on everyone's lips, no doubt, is "will we hear any new material by the Deep Fix?" Michael has mentioned that it would be nice to re-record New Worlds Fair, but time and interest are what will be the deciding factor.

And will there ever by an official release of the demo recordings? This, on the other hand, looks more promising - primarily because I've been talking to Michael about the prospects of releasing them officially through my own company. As always, though, time will tell...