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Novymir Mail is a powerful yet uniquely simple online system that provides you with hands-on management of your email marketing, communication and database management solutions.

With Novymir Mail your business can capture all relevant customer data and target appropriate messages to specific customer groups. Novymir Mail empowers you to:

Quickly & easily build and manage your customer databases:
- Add online registration forms to your website for Newsletters, Sales, Enquiry or Application forms or simply bulk upload exsiting databases.
- Lead reports are automatically delivered to you each time someone submits an enquiry.
Efficiently track and analyse results
- Novymir Mail provides statistical information on each mail sent.
- You can view open rates, articles read, links clicked on, who forwarded messages and it is easy to manage bounced emails and unsubscribers.
Easily create and send eye-catching newsletters and promotions
- Novymir Media will create specific email templated for your business and you can personally modify these through a unique ‘click and replace’ system.
- Email content can be personalized by inserting first names, or other pertinent information contained in your database
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