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The Eternal Champion

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The Eternal Champion
Phoenix in Obsidian / The Silver Warriors
The Dragon in the Sword
The Swords of Heaven, The Flowers of Hell

Erekosëeuml;, the Eternal Champion - pulled by the tides of chance through a thousand worlds and ages. In his lonely search for peace and justice, all he can trust to, in the end, are his own courage and enduring passion. Across magical landscapes, fantastic worlds without end, strides Erekosë - eternal hero, eternal warrior, eternal lover - forever defying destiny and lifting his brave sword against the cruel, cold logic of the Multiverse...

The Eternal Champion. London: Millennium, 1995.

The Eternal Champion


Erekosë. The Eternal Champion, the Immortal, pulled from the 20th Century through the ties of time to Humanity, where time does not exist.

The Eternal Champion, Mayflower

Erekosë 'You will be Humanity's scythe to sweep this way and that and cut the Eldren down as weeds. You will be Humanity's spade to dig up the roots wherever they have grown. You will be Humanity's fire to burn the waste to the finest ash. You, Erekosë, will be the wind that will blow the ashes away as if they have never existed. You will destroy the Eldren'.

Erekosë would destroy the Eldren. The Hounds of Evil who lived in territory between the Plains of Melting Ice and the Mountains of Sorrow. Hated by King Rigenos as soulless immortals, slaves of Azmobaana, The Evil One - barbarians all.

The Eternal Champion

Erekosë who, in the final event, would have to decide who were the barbarians... who were the wronged... whose banner he would champion... on whose side he would weald the deadly sword Kanajana... whose love would bind him. For only he, the Eternal, could decide.

The Eternal Champion. Herts: Mayflower, 1973.

After experiencing strange dreams, John Daker is pulled into a world totally unlike the one in which he has become used to. He gradually discovers that he is the Eternal Champion, who's name is currently Erekosë, who's eternal doom is to be drawn to where ever, and whenever people that need a champion. Gradually, he discovers that the lines of battle are not as clearly drawn as he had previously thought, and that loyalty is something more complex than he had previously thought.

This novel was expanded from a novella of the same name.

Phoenix in Obsidian

(1970) (U.K.)

The Silver Warriors

(1973) (US)

As Erekosë the Eternal Champion, he slew the human race that had betrayed his ideals. And loved Ermizhad, the Eldren princess.

Then the voices called him and he was powerless to resist. As Fate's soldier, the Eternal One, his lot was to vanquish tyranny. Sent tumbling through the corridors of eternity. Transformed. Now Urlik Skarsol - Prince of the Southern Ice. But called by whom?

By Bishop Belphig, Lord Spiritual of Rowenarc, obscene ruler of a damned race born at the end of Time?

The Silver Warriors

By Bladrak of the Scarlet Fjord?

By the Lady of the Screaming Chalice?

By the Silver Warriors, incandescent men of the Moon?

Urlik Skarsol would needs take up the Black Sword, the monstrous weapon that demanded blood, be it friend's or be it foe's, before his tortured soul could rest.

Before the powers of evil could be conquered.

Before he could rediscover Ermizhad.

Before he could know peace again...

Phoenix in Obsidian. Herts: Mayflower, 1974.

Erekosë's time of peace and happiness with Ermizhad is shattered when the dreams begin again. This time Erekosë becomes Urlik Skarsol of the Frozen Wastes, and finds himself in an inhospitable world, with even more inhospitable inhabitants. The people of Rowenarc do not seem to have called a champion, so who then did?

This book is semi-officially able to be followed by The Champion of Garathorm and The Quest for Tanelorn, the last two books in the second Hawkmoon series.

The Dragon in the Sword


The Dragon in the Sword - Grafton


John Daker is the Eternal Champion. Trapped in a dimensionless plane outside of time. Defender and destroyer of justice. A hero whose quest for truth leads only further into darkness.

Haunted by the memories of too many battles waged during countless lifetimes, he searches for the beautiful Ermizhad - and for the key that will allow him to step off the wheel of infinite incarnations.

His is a voyage on a dark ship piloted by a blind helmsman, through the slave stalls of the Cannibal Ghost Women and the tunnels of doom to a monstrous confrontation with Evil that could plunge the world into the final night of oblivion.

The Dragon in the Sword. London: Grafton, 1988.

The voices in John Daker's dreams call out for Sharadim - but the Champion has never, and will never be known as Sharadim. The Champion finds himself in a place as, if not more inhospitable than Rowenarc, and this time he has no idea of his purpose. Through all this, he still searches for Ermizhad. Will John Daker ever know peace?

The Swords of Heaven, The Flowers of Hell


Illustrated by Howard V. Chaykin.
The Swords of Heaven The Flowers of Hell

This is a large format graphic novel, written by illustrated by Chaykin.