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Thought Moorcock has been approached many times concerning an Elric film, none has ever eventuated. Even so, he has been involved with several films, and has written several scrips.

Moorcock doing a Mephistophiles impression

I'm often asked about feature films and should tell you that I've had many offers, many of them serious and for large sums of money, but that in the end I have pulled out of the projects because, for some stubborn reason I can't even justify in rational terms, I couldn't bear to see my characters messed around with because of budget demands or, worse, ideas of the money people as to what the public wants. I have a fair amount of experience of working in movies and generally speaking I don't much like it. I admire all the good films that are made in spite of the system!

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The Land that Time Forgot

A German submarine is hijacked by a group of survivors of the last torpedo victim of the said sub. They become lost, and find themselves near what they think to be a lost island. Penetrating the inhospitable borders of the island, they discover inside an lush area containing what looks to be a prehistoric land - with dinosaurs (and cavemen, to boot!).

Further information - including Moorcock discussing the film, and credits.

The Final Programme


The Last Days of Man on Earth

This was a reasonable attempt at a Jerry Cornelius film, marred by a far too "James Bond" kind of feel, and, in my opinion, some gross misinterpretations of the Cornelius mythos. The film improves in the second half, it must be said. More information can be found by following the link below.

Credits and more information.

Group 65

This was an aborted attempt to make a film, intended to be shown at a now forgotten SF convention. While the film was never finished, there were some very interesting taken during the filming of it, which you can peruse by clicking on the link below.

Group 65 photos.