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Group 65

Group 65 was a film planned to be shown at a now forgotten SF convention in 1965. It was worked on for some six months, only to fall apart soon after. The camera man was Chuck Despins, who later went on to make a name for himself in the industry. These photos were donated by Langdon Jones, who deserves many thanks for doing so.

Claire Peake, the daughter of Mervyn Peake, who was to be the lead actor in the film.

Claire Peake
Pete Taylor and

Pete Taylor and making mischief.

Ted Tubb (also known as E. C. Tubb), an author who had a great many stories published in New Worlds, playing The Psychiatrist.

Ted Tubb
The incredible boot man.

Langdon Jones looks on with interest as Mr. Moorcock attempts to fit himself in a boot.

and Pete Taylor conduct a conversation via trenchcoat. Behind Moorcock is Ivor Mayne, the producer of the film. The youngster looking out of frame to the right is Terry Pratchett.

By the Thames