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Links to Elric Web Sites

There were so many web sites out on the internet that are solely devoted to Elric that I decided to put them all on a single page.

Stormbringer's Chaos Page

A great page dealing not only with Elric, but also Fritz Lieber's characers as well. Contains an in-depth synopsis of the Elric books.

The Sailor on the Seas of Fate

A graphic-heavy, and quite detailed Elric site, with a book-by book description.


This is Stéphane Defreyne's Moorcock page, which is in French as well as English. Got the name right, finally!

Elric de Melniboné

My Spanish isn't up to scratch (or anything, really) so I can't say what's on this page - but is Elric related, without doubt.

Echos of the Dragon Isle

A good site, with Maps, a timeline, a bibliography and a description of Melniboné.

The Elric Saga

A page with pictures and a brief description of some of the characters and places in Melniboné.

The Isle of Melniboné.

Contains brief descriptions of the Elric books.

The Ruby Throne

A very detailed site with descriptions of all aspects of Melniboné, the characters, and more.

The Sphere of Chaos

A very nice looking site, with heaps and heaps of information - not only about elric, but also the Eternal Champion series in general.