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Here you will find web sites that are devoted to in one way or the other.

Try Alt.Books.Moorcock for a place to discuss Moorcock related things. The amount of discussion is growing, but always needs and welcomes more people to come along and join in.


The official centre of Moorcock information on the web. Amongst other things, here you will find a good forum for discussion of MM related subjects, and there is also an "ask Mike" section.

The Time Centre

A very nice page, run by Jharek Carnelian, containing a very eclectic selection of information. Contains other, non Moorcock related, essays and the like, all of which are interesting.

Sweet Despise

A fantastic site dealing with "dark literature". Besides the site contains information concerning Angela Carter, Graham Masterton, Clark Ashton Smith, Ramsey Campbell and Robert E. Howard - with many more things besides. The Moorcock section contains a bibliography and guide to Moorcock's short fiction, a recommended Reading section and wanted books section.

Imrryr, The Dreaming City

Allan T. Grohe's excellent site. Contains the Nomads of the Timestreams FAQ and an Elric image gallery.

The Million Spheres: The Eternal Champion Web Ring

This is the central site for the Eternal Champion web ring.


This is Stéphane Defreyne Moorcock page, which is in French as well as English. It contains a list of books, and explanation of the Eternal Champion concept, the Multiverse concept, the Gods, Tanelorn, the Black Sword amongst other things. Apologies for the mistaken attribution of the page to the wrong person!

The Eternal Struggle

This page has very little on it at present.

A page containing an interview with Moorcock by Colin Greenland, a brief but good description of New Worlds and some basic introductions to elements of Moorcock's fiction.

Moorcock Tavern

Containing a good run down of Moorcock's music, and a brief article about his books.

The Eternal Champion - Yahoo Club

More or less a discussion list concerned with Moorcock.