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Other Sites Directly or Indirectly Related

Langdon Jones Home Page

This is the home page of Langdon Jones, who wrote for and co-edited New Worlds, co-edited The Nature of the Catastrophe, edited Mervyn Peake's last book Titus Alone, and many other things besides. There is an article by Moorcock discussing Mervyn Peake to be found on this site, as well as many other interesting things.

Savoy Books

Savoy Books have published many a great book, CD and comic - not the least, some very good Moorcock books.

MOJO Press

MOJO Press published Tales from the Texas Woods, and their site contains an interview with Moorcock.

The Edge

This is a fantastic on-line version of an UK magazine. It contains an original Moorcock story The Spencer Inheritance, an interview with many reviews, and some very good short fiction.

Infinity Plus

This site is a great on-line publication specialising in high quality imaginative literature. There are many names from New Worlds scattered about the place here.

Welcome to the Future: The Official Hawkwind Homepage

This is the place to go to find your regular Hawkwind related news. It's getting better all the time, with interviews, etc., etc. - Just go there.

The Spirit of the Page: Robert Calvert

If you have any interest in Hawkwind, Robert Calvert, Science, Life in General, or The Viking Discovery of America, this is the site for you. Fantastic. Wonderful. Great. Fab.

Sonique's Hawkwind Link Page

This is the only other Hawkwind place you need to know. It has just about every link to all other places in the Hawkwind universe. And many other little surprises. Go there, too. You have been told.

The Andrea Dworkin Web Site

This site contains much information concerning the femininist thinker Andrea Dworkin. She is, in my opinion, one of the best thinkers (and more importantly, an activist) who is attempting to fight the oppression of women.

The Jonathan Carroll Web Site

Jonathan Carroll is an author whos work (like Moorcock) doesn't easily fit into a single category. Thought there is no direct link between Moorcock and Carroll, Michael has on many occasions recommended Carroll.

Charles Platt

Charles Platt is an author who was closely associated with New Worlds, and was published in it often.


Ballard is, alongside Moorcock and Aldiss, not only one of the best known authors who published their first ambitious material in New Worlds, but also one of the best known "literary" authors today.

Norman Spinrad's Home Page

Norman Spinrad is another author who was closely associated with New Worlds.

Contemporary Literary Theory - Brock University

Contains a very good introduction to some of the most important elements and areas of literary theory.

Theoretical Sources at the University of Colorado at Denver

This site contains one of the best collections of Critical Theory/Literary Theory/Postmodernist Theory/Semiotics/Sociology and the like, that I have ever seen. Also have a look here if you want to know anything more about the particular theories that may be mentioned in this site...