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Miscellaneous novels of the Eighties

The Brothel in Rosenstrasse
Mother London

The Brothel in Rosenstrasse


The Brothel in Rosenstrasse

Mirenburg 1900... the most famous brothel in Europe. Frau Schmetterling's in Rosenstrasse. Here the exquisite sensualists of the haut monde make assignations with the elegant courtesans of the demi-jour, exploring the extremes of sexuality - but always with taste and comfort. It is impossible to imagine a threat to this prosperous, tolerant and supremely civilised world. Impossible to imagine war in Europe.

To sample the delights and security of the brothel in Rosenstrasse comes the famous roué, Count Von Bek, bringing with him his sixteen-year-old mistress Alexandra. But soon, their lazy fin-de-siécle dream will end, to be replaced by the brutal reality of a 20th century nightmare.

The Brothel in Rosenstrasse. London: Orion, 1993.

Mother London


Mother London Mother London US Edition

This book is a wonderfully complex and in-depth novel celebrating the people and place of London. It is centred around three people:- David Mummery, Mary Gasalee and Joseph Kiss, all of whom are thought of as "mad" by the medical institution. These three people are able to hear the voices of the people, places and heart of London in their heads. This book is a loving rhapsody dedicated to London itself in much the same way Ulysses was one for Dublin.

Mother London is ...A novel that is intended to be a celebration of my native city. It deals in London life since 1940 to around 1986. While some of the episodes are presented as dreams and other material suggests a possible fantastic element, there is no overt fantasy in the book. I think it's probably my own favourite. And it has a happy ending!

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