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Lucky Leif & The Longships

Lucky Leif and the Longships

by Robert Calvert

This album, in my opinion, one of the best albums ever, certainly amongst the best concept albums, is based loosely on Leif the Lucky's pre-Columbus discovery of America. Mixed by Brian Eno, played by many fine musicians, including some from Hawkwind - but most importantly, with Robert Calvert's unique creative talent.

On this classic album Michael plays the banjo.

Lucky Leif was done at island and they needed a banjo player so I just went round with a banjo, but unfortunately what I hadn't realised was that the strings were about five years old cos I hadn't actually played the banjo, and so if you listen carefully it's dreadful flat strings on that.

Orbit6 Interview, 1983.

For more information about Robert Calvert, see Knut Gerwers' wonderful website, The Spirit of the P/Age.


Robert Calvert's Hype

by Robert Calvert

This album was somewhat of a departure from Calvert's previous music - it utilises some "popular music" styles, while still keeping the Robert Calvert sound and quality. Michael plays twelve string guitar on this album.

For more information about Robert Calvert, see Knut Gerwers' wonderful website, The Spirit of the P/Age.

Past or Future?

Nik's [Past or Future?]

by Nik Turner

Nik Turner is the ex-frontman of Hawkwind, and also the brain damaged (and brain-damaging) punk/disco/acid-rock band Inner City Unit. This album is a recording of several live concerts in the US. The musicians, besides Nik comprise of ex-Hawkwind members and the excellent US band, Pressurehed. The album, in my opinion, is beyond compare. If you have an interest in Hawkwind, spacerock or sf-influenced psychedelic music, give this album a try. And turn it up loud.

On the Track Warriors on the Edge of Time, performs the lyrics. This track was recorded at Emo's in Austin, Texas. This would have to be one of my personal favourite renditions of the song.


Shunk Daddy Grind

Zakas' Shunk Daddy Grind

by Zakas

This is a very eclectic album, featuring styles from heavy metal to world music. The mastermind behind this fiendish album is Zakas, with a group of other musicians who play and sing on various tracks.

There is only one Moorcock-inspired song on the album - Hounds of the Horn, taken from the second series of Corum books. It is a fairly heavy piece, the atmosphere of which is much better than other Moorcock-inspired compositions done in the same style of music. You can find the lyrics and also a downloadable excerpt of the song on the Zakas website.

For more information on Zakas have a look at the website, where you can find information about and listen to the other songs from the album.