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The Nomad of Time

Nomad of the Timestreams - White Wolf A Nomad of the Timestreams - Orion Anthology

The Warlord of the Air
The Land Leviathan
The Steel Tsar

The first ever steampunk stories from the author whom The Modern Review called 'A great novelist... Original and ambitious... Resolutely British'. These are the adventures of Captain Oswald Bastable (ex-53rd Lancers and Special Air Force), flung from the North East Frontier of 1902 into the future world of a 1973 where the stately airships of the great powers hold benign sway over a peaceful world. Guided only by the red republican cosmonaut, Una Persson, Bastable must question his most cherished ideals, and confront a multitude of alternate futures before at last gaining an understanding of his fate.

A Nomad of the Time Streams. London: Orion, 1996.

The Warlord of the Air


Bastable, while leading a troup of soldiers to the ancient city of Teku Benga, finds himself in far deeper (and unexpected) trouble that he could possibly have forseen. Discovering himself no longer in his own 1902, but 1973 in a world ruled by the Britain - a world more imperialistic than the one he had left. He soon discovers that the imperialist notion of protecting people from themselves is far more complex one than he had previously thought.

This book was censored in the US, the only uncut version being the ACE Books version, at least until the Orion and White Wolf collections were published.

The Land Leviathan


The Land Leviathan

A barbaric new dark age - In an alternate twentieth century

Seeking the answer to the mystery of life, Captain Oswald Bastable visits the Temple of the Future Buddha and is thrown through time to a new twentieth century. Plague, anarchy and superstition rule the world where he finds himself. Bands of diseased mutants pillage the continents while pirate U-boats prowl the ocean.

But from this chaos emerges Black Atilla, commander of the African Hordes and master of the most terrible weapon ever devised by man - the Land Leviathan, a terrifying ziggurat on wheels, a moving mountain of deadly artillery.

At last, after centuries of cruel oppression, the Land Leviathan helps the Black Atilla establish Black Power on an unimaginable, global scale. Unimaginable, that is, to anyone except who has re-written the history of the twentieth century in his own totally original, biting style.

The Land Leviathan. London: Granada, 1981.

The Steel Tsar


Bastable, again thrown to the whim of the timestreams, finds himself in 1941 upon a half-deserted island. The few that remain threaten to kill each other, while the great war envelops the world that they have lost contact with. After having escaped the island, he discovers the Russians, with whom he fallen in with to fight in the war agains Japan, have problems of their own - The Steel Tsar. But not all socialst reviolutions are a like, and the errosion of ideals can set in at any place, any time...

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