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is first and foremost an author, and has published many books in almost as many different styles and genre. Here you will find each series collected by it's title.

This section, the primary area of this site, contains descriptions of Moorcock's books, with links to in-depth examinations of many of these. When you follow the first link, you will find general information on the books, often transcriptions of the text from the back of the book, and suchlike. Below this, you may also find links to analytical pages concerning various aspects of the books. Though the analytical pages contain spoilers, I've attempted to keep these summaries free of them. If you haven't read the books and are planning to, the analytical essays will spoil the enjoyment of reading them.

I have grouped the books roughly in the way in which Moorcock has authorised in the Orion and White Wolf editions. Moorcock discusses the ordering of the Orion books: - Ironically we have attempted to work out a chronology for a history which constitutionally could be the antithesis of conventional chronology... and goes on to discuss how the first in the series is an ideal introduction...

 and Linda Steele

Von Bek

The Eternal Champion

Dorian Hawkmoon

Corum Jhaelen Irsei

The Nomad of Time

The Dancers at the End of Time

Elric of Melniboné

Jerry Cornelius

Jerry Cornell

Karl Glogauer

Between the Wars

The Second Ether


Warrior of Mars

Nick Allard


Miscellaneous Works

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