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Why another Moorcock site? Well, there are many reasons, other than that there are far too few Moorcock sites out there. It is my intention to make this web site a something more than just a fan site.

Perhaps the foremost purpose of this site is to provide information on all of Moorcock's books, not just the fantasy ones. I think it's important that Moorcock's writing is not thought of as solely "swords and sorcery" type fiction (not that there's anything wrong with the genre). I hope to deal with Colonel Pyat in as much depth as I do Elric.

Moorcock's writing has received, in my opinion, far too little critical attention - there have been several books published that purport to give his works a critical analysis, and they do this well, but often take specific perspectives, and leave out many aspects that are very interesting (to me, at any rate). My intention with this site is to take many perspectives in the examination of Moorcock's works. I also hope to have perspectives other than mine included, too.

At least a certain portion of my studies have been devoted to literary theory, and there are several schools of thought that I have background in. But terms such as semiotics, deconstruction, post-modernism, etc, are far overused in "intellectual" culture (or, more pertinently, popular culture) these days, and as such, I won't use terms such as these if I can avoid it. This is not to say that I won't be relying on some of the theories that underlie them, but rather that it shouldn't matter if you haven't been through two hundred years at university studying Psychoanalysis, Literary Theory and Semiotics to understand the terminology.

A note should be made with regards to the technical side of things. I've tried my best to make this site as accessible as possible to all people. I have not included any Java scripts and have tried to keep the graphics down to a minimum - the primary purpose of this site, as I have said, is to give out information, rather than to look really flashy. This being said, I've tried to make it look as nice as possible, too. I decided to ditch the frames when I re-organised the site. If you've any comments about this, please don't hesitate to drop me a line.

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