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Short Stories to 1969

The Lovebeast

(1957 The Deep Fix anthology)

Published under the name of James Colvin.

Radiation rains down on the earth after many governments test nuclear weapons in earth's orbit. Humanity is dying. A being floats above the earth, who has held it's huge supply of love in store for millions of years, awaiting a chance to love humankind. Charlie Curtis, an artist, dying, may be the person through which the Lovebeast can communicate its' message. But can love save the human race?

Peace on Earth

(1958 New Worlds Vol. 30 No. 89)

With Barrington J. Bailey - Published under the name "Michael Barrington".

Two immortal travellers, Fta-Thala and Bulik, search the galaxy for meaning that humankind has lost over time. They arrive at a desolate Earth, having read in the black book by Aber Juillard that what they seek can be found there...

This is the first story Michael sold to New Worlds.

The Dreaming City

(1961 Science Fantasy No.47 June)

Elric leads an attack on the Dragon Isle, the throne of which is being held by Yyrkoon, Elric's cousin. Elric's motivation for this attack stems from the fact that Yyrkoon has placed Cymoril in a drug-induced sleep. Jerry Cornelius readers will note a more than passing similarity to portions of The Final Programme.

Also see Elric of Melniboné.

While the Gods Laugh

(1961 Science Fantasy No.? October)

See Elric of Melniboné.

Duel Among the Wine Green Suns

(1961 Later published in Time Centre Times 1995)

With Barrington J. Bayley

This story was lost for some time, and only recently found by John Davey. The version found was only partially complete. Barrington Bayley discovered a further section of the story, though still not enabling Davey to reconstruct the complete tale. Bayley then wrote a bridging chapter to more or less complete the story.

Going Home

(1962 Science Fiction Adventures No.25)

With Barrington J. Bayley

Captain Hardrek and his crew leave the planet Veildo to return to "home" - the Earth. Three hundred years ago their ancestors had left Earth, but all records had been destroyed of their reason for leaving. Now they return to discover their past. They are quite unprepared for what they find there - unprepared both for the state of the people of earth, and for the discovery of the reason their ancestors left in the first place...

The Stealer of Souls

(1961 Science Fantasy No.51 February)

See Elric of Melniboné.

Kings in Darkness

(1962 Science Fantasy No.54)

With James Cawthorn.

See Elric of Melniboné.

The Flame Bringers

later changed to

Caravan of Forgotten Dreams

(1962 Science Fantasy No.55 October)

See Elric of Melniboné.

The Greater Conqueror

(1963 Science Fantasy No.58)

Just how great was Alexander? Considering his ultimate destiny, were there other agencies at work using him as a springboard for a vaster design?

Science Fantasy. Vol. 21 No.64.

After enlisting in Alexander the Great's Army, Simon of Byzantium discovers that there is more to Alexander than meets the eye. Furthermore, angering him has repercussions that are highly unexpected. But who has conquered who?

This story was written to fit in with a cover painting that had already been finished for the magazine. For those who are interested, after the story in the Science Fantasy issue in which it was first published, there was a list of references.

Arrian's Life of Alexander the Great (translated by Aubrey de Selincourt. Published by Penguin).
Outline of History by H. G. Wells.
Bulfinch's Mythology (Modern Library Edition).
The White Goddess by Robert Graves (Faber and Faber).
And various other general works on Classical History, Mythology etc.

- Science Fantasy. Vol. 21 No.64.

Black Sword's Brothers

(1963 Science Fantasy Vol. 21 No. 64)

This Elric story was later to become part of the latter section of Stormbringer.

See Elric of Melniboné.

The Deep Fix

(1963 Science Fantasy No.64)

Published under the name of James Colvin.

Hooked on a drug of his own creation - a drug which takes Seward into a world that looks like Earth but is menacingly different. here he is hounded by the bizarre Man Without a Navel and his servents: th Laughing Cavalier, Brother Sebastian, and the two grotesque, smiling torturers Mr. Hand and Mr. Morl. He cannot escape, for, every time he tries, his craving for the drug M-A 19 pulls him back. What is this world? Who are these people? The revelation is startling.

The Deep Fix. London: Compact Books, 1966. (Published as James Colvin)

Lee W. Seward is responsible for the whole world going mad. His invention, originally intended to cure mental disorder, backfired. Now, alone, only the drugs keep him working to design a machine that will reverse the effects. In fact, the drugs add a very strange and unexpected element to Seward's quest.

In the name of the protagonist, Lee W. Seward, some will notice is a rearranged version of William Burroughs' pseudonym used while writing Junky (as well as his later work)- William Seward Lee. This story, in many ways was a pastiche of themes dealt with by Burroughs. In Michael's own words:- The story was deliberately written as a 'bridge' story between Burroughs and the average reader of Science Fantasy... (it) was a deliberate riff on Burroughs. While his method and style never particularly captured me, I did see him as an exemplary writer..

For more information about Burroughs, have a look at The William S. Burroughs Files.


(1963 New Worlds Vol.44 No.132)

With Barrington J. Bayley

Max File, later changed (in the Orion and White Wolf anthologies) to Max von Bek, is requested to perform a mission for the confused leaders of the European Economic Community. Max is to be the first to use the newly developed time machine. Max's explorations depend, though, on his concept of time - is it linear or non-linear?

Not By Mind Alone

later changed to


(1963 New Worlds No.134)


(1963 The Deep Fix anthology)

Published under the name of James Colvin.

The Time Dweller

(1964 New Worlds Vol.46 No.139)

This story is followed by Escape from Evening.

Master of Chaos

later changed to

Earl Aubec


The Dream of Earl Aubec

(1964 Fantastic)

With James Cawthorn.

See Elric of Melniboné.

Good-bye, Miranda

(1964 New Worlds Vol.48 No.143)

tells a sad, moving tale of a young man who could levitate, but could not control the hatred against him which this power inspired in others.

Rear cover of New Worlds No. 143

The Shores of Death (Part 1)

(1964 New Worlds Vol.48 No.144)

The Shores of Death (Part 2)

(1964 New Worlds Vol.48 No.145)

The Mountain

(1965 New Worlds Vol.48 No.147)

Published under the name James Colvin.

The two last men on earth search for the last woman.

The Time Dweller. Herts: Mayflower, 1973.

The last two men alive, Nilsson and Hallner, track through mountains in Lappland following the footprints of the last woman alive. Hallner experiences almost an religious sense of epiphany and they reach what could almost be the top of the world.

This story is more or less a direct account of Moorcock's experience atop Mt Portafjället in Lapland with his friend David Harvey (himself having published several stories in New Worlds) - a moment of clarity the effect of which made him revise his beliefs about writing social fiction.

Escape From Evening

(1965 New Worlds No.148)

One man finds that there is only one ironic escape in a sad, dying world.

The Time Dweller. Herts: Mayflower, 1973.

This is the sequel to The Time Dweller.

Preliminary Data

(1965 New Worlds Vol.49 No.153)

Here is the first piece in the jigsaw puzzle that is the world of Jerry Cornelius. What, where, how?That's your guess and we'd like to hear it...

New Worlds. Vol 49 No 153. 1965.

This is the first appearance of Jerry Cornelius. It is a "cut-up" version (cut-ups being a literary technique used by William S. Burroughs) of the first and last sections of The Final Programme.

The Pleasure Garden of Felipe Sagittarius

(1965 New Worlds Vol.49 No.154)

What was a Roman doing in Berlin; found strangled in a garden of strange, living plants?

The Time Dweller. Herts: Mayflower, 1973.

The Girl Who Killed Sylvia Blade

(1966 Golden Nugget)

The Golden Barge

(1965 New Worlds Vol.49 No.155)

Published under the name William Barclay.

What did a single murder matter when the golden barge sailed slowly onwards?

The Time Dweller. Herts: Mayflower, 1973.

The Wrecks of Time (Part 1)

(1965 New Worlds Vol.49 No.156)

Published under the name James Colvin.

The Wrecks of Time (Part 2)

(1965 New Worlds Vol.49 No.157)

Published under the name James Colvin.

Further Information

(1965 New Worlds Vol.49 No.157)

This is the second portion of The Final Programme to be published, containing the further cut-up sections of the book.

The Wrecks of Time (Part 3)

(1966 New Worlds Vol.49 No.158)

Published under the name James Colvin.

The Real Life Mr Newman
(Adventures of the Dead Astronaut)

(1966 The Deep Fix anthology)

Published under the name James Colvin.

Phase Three

(1966 New Worlds Vol.49 No.156)

This is the last section of The Final Programme, containing the scenes in Lapland.

The Ruins

(1966 New Worlds Vol.49 No.161)

Published under the name James Colvin.

Consuming Passion

(1966 New Worlds Vol.49 No.161)

A tale of a pyromaniac with a chilling difference.

The Time Dweller. Herts: Mayflower, 1973.

Environment Problem

(1966 Golden Nugget)

Published under the name Ken MacBeth.

Behold The Man

(1966 New Worlds Vol.50 No.166)

This is the first version of the story that later was expanded into a whole novel. See Karl Glogauer.

The Delhi Division

(1968 New Worlds Vol.52 No.185)

See Jerry Cornelius.

The Tank Trapeze

(1969 New Worlds Vol.52 No.186)

See Jerry Cornelius.

The Peking Junction

(1969 The New S.F.)

See Jerry Cornelius.

The Dodgem Decision


The Dodgem Arrangement


The Dodgem Division

(1969 Speculation No.23)

See Jerry Cornelius.

A Cure For Cancer (Part 1)

(1969 New Worlds Vol.52 No.188)

This is the first serialised section of A Cure For Cancer.

A Cure For Cancer (Part 2)

(1969 New Worlds Vol.53 No.189)

This is the second serialised section of A Cure For Cancer.

A Cure For Cancer (Part 3)

(1969 New Worlds Vol.53 No.190)

This is the penultimate serialised section of A Cure For Cancer.

A Cure For Cancer (Part 4)

(1969 New Worlds Vol.53 No.191)

This is the final serialised section of A Cure For Cancer.