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Short Stories - The Eighties

The Murderer's Song

(1981 Tor Zu Den Sternen / 1987 Tales from the Forbidden Planet)

The Opium General

(1984 The Opium General)

The Opium General is the story of a young woman who has fallen in love with an ex-rock star turned drug dealer.

The Opium General. London: Harrap, 1984.

This is a claustrophobic story of a woman who is trapped on one side by her own guilt and the other the instability of her lover(?). Many aspects of the ex-rock star figure bear a striking resemblance to ex-Hawkwind vocalist Robert Calvert (though the character differs in many other major aspects).

Hanging the Fool


Wheel of Fortune

(1987 Tarot Tales)

The Frozen Cardinal

(1987 Other Edens)

The Last Call

(1987 Fantasy Tales)


(1988 Other Edens II)


(1989 Casablanca)