Terminal Café

Here you will find a list of people who have been of help in the creation of this site. The Café would not be as large or detailed as it is were it not for these generous people.

First and foremost, I'd like to thank Misbah Khokhar for providing inspiration, assistance and support. This site wouldn't have got off the ground in the first place were it not for her.

John Davey deserves a large thankyou for helping me get the bibliography into order. Collecting bibliographical information from my own collection was hard enough, but differing editions and serialised stories confounded me completly and in this John's Help was invaluable.

Patrick Cordiner, for spending long, strange evenings discussing the theoretical side of MM's work.

Langdon Jones, for the photos and for giving us Peake's Titus Alone.

Graham Charnock, for the great anecdotes and for the mean bass on New World's Fair.

Last but not least, a very very large thanks goes to Mike who has been extremely generous with his time, suggestions and help.