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On this page you will find both the "central" works in the von Bek series (those books that are concerned with the Grail) and the peripheral works (those that prominently feature a member of the von Bek family). The peripheral works are not necessarily related with regards to theme and plot.

"...the story of the von Beks and their uneasy association with the Devil and the Holy Grail would, we thought provide the best way of beginning the sequence. In their different ways... the stories contain common historical reference and the various objects of power have, as it were, local names, while the supernatural characters take forms from familiar sources. Here, the wilder, stranger realms of the Multiverse which the Champion will explore in his (and her) various guises - as Erekosë, Hawkmoon, Corum, Elric, and the rest - are only hinted at."

Introduction to - Von Bek. London: Orion, 1995.
Orion Von Bek Anthology
Central Works

The Warhound and the World's Pain
The City in the Autumn Stars

Peripheral Works

The Pleasure Garden of Felipe Sagittarius
The Brothel in Rosenstrasse
The Dragon in the Sword
The War Amongst the Angels series

The Warhound and the World's Pain


NEL hardcover of Warhound and the World's pain

The time is The Thirty Years War, and the whole of Europe is in devastation, Graf Ulrich von Bek, killer, survivor and mercenary captain of fearful repute, deserts his soldiers after an outbreak of plague and finds himself travelling through a dense forest, at the heart of which there stands an empty but unplundered castle. He takes refuge there.

The Warhound and the World's Pain

But this is no shelter, for the lord of the castle is Satan himself. Von Bek has been granted entrance so that the Devil may offer him a most unusual bargain. Lucifer will relinquish his claim on von Bek's lost soul, but the price is success in a quest that Lucifer himself cannot undertake. The Devil wishes to be reconciled with God, and to prove his sincerity to Heaven needs the Cure for the World's Pain.

But even among the damned there are those who fear change. And even as von Bek accepts his quest, Hell raises in rebellion to stop him.

The Warhound and the World's Pain. London: New English Library, 1982.

The City in the Autumn Stars


It is an adventure, a fantasy, a romance. A delightful (if dangerous) take in which our hero, the Ritter von Bek, escapes the Terrors of the French Revolution, goes hot-air ballooning with the Chevalier de St. Odhran, and fights men and demons to find his one true love.

The City in the Autumn Stars. New York: Ace Books, 1989.
The City in the Autumn Stars

In this second volume of the von Bek series, we discover the story of Manfred von Bek. In 1793, von Bek is forced to flee Paris, because of his political associations. During his flight, he meets the Duchess of Crete, and a little later a raconteur called St. Odhran. Upon arriving in Mirenburg, he embarked upon the "respectable" career of an inflatable balloon explorer. He is met by an enemy from his past, and another enemy from his family's past. Eventually, he is met by an old ally of the family - Satan.

All of the people he meets seem to have some kind of link with a certain request made by Satan some time ago, and his family's past.

This book was written at the same time as The Laughter of Carthage, one during the night, and one during the day! Let the reader decide which.

The Pleasure Garden of Felipe Sagittarius

(1965 New Worlds)

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The Brothel in Rosenstrasse


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Into the Flux of the Timestreams plunges Max von Bek, seeking salvation...

Sailing to Utopia. London: Orion, 1996.

The Dragon in the Sword

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The War Amongst the Angels

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